Austin chair Repair

project overview

Austin chair repair is a Georgetown-based business, owned & operated by jay hirsch, that provides a variety of chair restoration services, such as pressed cane and rush weaving. their commitment to quality originates in their background in woodworking that goes back generations. they serve Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, cedar park, Pflugerville, Salado & Belton.  



the client wanted a modern, simple yet noticeable banner sign outside of his workshop so that his customers could more easily spot his business. i was presented with the question of how to accomplish this while adhering to his business's color palette and minimalistic aesthetic.



quickly getting myself into my client’s mindset, i conducted research about heirloom chair restoration, familiarizing myself with repair techniques and materials. After immersing myself in the subject matter, i conceived the idea for the banner. i employed symmetry and an even balance of colours to evoke the 2019 trend of minimalism, clean graphics and a limited color palette to create unity and a sense of timelessness & modernity, which suited my client’s needs perfectly. Also, in the border of the banner, i created a stitch-like outline to subtly represent one of the most utilized techniques of repairing rush chairs.


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