chef Rufino’s kitchen 

project overview

chef Rufino valverde is the chef of mulligan’s, located in sun city, tx. he’s been a pillar of the culinary community for years in georgetown as well as a great friend.



the owner of the restaurant wanted to honor chef Rufino for all of his years of excellent food and service with a personalized sign that would hang in the restaurant next to the kitchen’s entrance. the sign had to be worthy of the well-loved chef while keeping to the aesthetic of mulligan’s.



the design for the sign was entirely in my hands as nels johnson only commissioned the project and chef Rufino had no decisive ideas as to the aesthetics. although, he did have a final say regarding approval of the design. to truly honor his well-earned, renowned culinary reputation and friendly personality, i made sure to create a design worthy of him while keeping to the established theme of mulligan’s. immediately, the combination of flames and crossed metal spatulas came to mind with vintage-inspired font to accompany it. a sharp design for a sharp chef. a fellow artisan, clayton gordy, who is quite crafty with metalwork collaborated with me on the project and cut out the metal letters & graphics for the sign. for the backing of the sign, a friend of nels johnson’s, carter callen, provided the cedarwood.   


client     chef Rufino valverde 



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