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founded in 2015 by two friends in college, miles eldred & spencer ellswood, created COre: a company that specializes in welding and quality custom work. their keen attention to detail, commitment to creativity and strong core values drive their business and have made them into the ornamental & structural fabrication shop they are today. they are located in Jarrell and serve central texas.



the prompt was to create a visually bold update of the clients’ current logo in a way that would reflect the maturity and growth their business has undergone since its conception while maintaining brand recognition from their current clients whilst attracting new ones. my clients also wanted a font specifically designed for their company’s use to personalize their branding further.



this was truly a collaborative process - something i deeply enjoy and thrive on - as my clients had a very decisive idea as to what they wanted but were still open-minded to concepts. they brought their own sketches and an example of their current, old logo. i researched their business and the twofold meaning behind their logo: the 1st is the core values that guide the company & the 2nd is that the core of the earth is made up of a molten iron alloy, a material they often work with. through this information, i had a very clear idea in my mind of the design solution. blending their concept with my own - and with a little refinement due to feedback from their market research focus group - i designed a logo that was a marriage of both sketches that still held the meaning of the original. the o of core is made up of a molten center just as the earth’s core is and the surrounding black half-circles mimic the layers of the earths crust.


on the other hand, the font was a challenge in and of itself. i had never made a font before but i love a challenge and i went at it head-on. after some quick research, i found the task to be entirely doable. inspiration for the font derived from heavy metal bands of the 1970s & 80s. the letterforms have angular edges and geometric-based lines that subtly infer the hardcore nature of their company.


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