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core custom metal works

After several years in business, Miles Eldred and Spencer Ellswood, the founders & owners of CORE Custom Metal Works—a metal fabrication company located in Jarrell, TX—approached me to redesign their logo. They desired to update their brand to represent their company’s growth better and attract new clients while maintaining their current clientele.


We collaborated on creating a new logo based on the sketches they rendered and their company's core values. Sharp, clean lines and geometric shapes inspired by metal structures influenced the overall design of the letterforms. The ‘O’ was designed to mimic our planet's molten iron center and the Earth’s layers.

After feedback from the market research focus group they hired, refinements were made and the logo finalized. Enthused by the final product, they requested that I create a custom font for the company’s exclusive use. Having never designed a font before, I researched the creative process in great detail. Undaunted by the challenge, I created a typeface derived from the logo’s angular edges and referenced fonts utilized by heavy metal bands of the 70s and 80s to infer the company's hardcore nature subtly.


CORE Custom Metal Works logo on metal background
Branding Identity Mockup for CORE Custom Metal Works
CORE Custom Metal Works Tote Bag Mockup
CORE Custom Metal Works Personalized Company Font, Core Metal
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