dana & Richard

project overview

dana & Richard, my parents, have been married for over 30 years. they still look at each other with the same, if not more, love and adoration as when they said “i do” all those years ago. recently, their 30th wedding anniversary was celebrated and in order to mark such a momentous and wonderful milestone, i decided to create a unique, personalized memento to commemorate the occasion.



30 years of marriage, nowadays, is no easy feat. to honor such an amazing accomplishment was going to be no simple task. fortunately, the idea for the memento’s subject and medium came to me rather quickly. i was immediately inspired by the hilarious stories of how my mother and father first met, their first date and the many other amusing adventures that they’ve been on some i’ve been apart of, others were before i was even a thought. the challenge was how to portray that on paper.  



i was reminded of how my mother referred to herself and my father as “puzzle pieces,” the perfect match. no sooner than i had remembered that, a vision of what i was going to create materialized in my mind. the special keepsake would be a short book retelling the story of how they met and fell in love but with their illustrated counterparts as puzzle pieces. illustration and colors would be kept simple so as not to draw to much attention away from the text. construction and the initial printing of the book were entrusted to mixbook.com.


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