first texas bank 

project overview

first texas bank was established in 1898 in georgetown, tx. originally named farmers state, it had an evolution of names including citizens state bank. it is currently one of the oldest charter banks in texas that is still operating and serving customers while providing quality care & security to all of the community. recently celebrating their 120th anniversary, they are nevertheless going strong and committed as ever to dispensing excellent monetary service to all of williamson county. the original building still resides in the town square but now functions as the georgetown history museum.



my clients wanted a dynamic, fresh approach to present all of first texas bank’s locations and associated businesses on a personalized map that embodied their desired aesthetic of marrying antiquity & modernity together just as their business has done for all of these years. they also wanted to exhibit photos of all of their locations in an artfully organized manner on a wall across from one of their conference rooms as well as photography restoration of two antique photos that they dug out of the historical society’s archives to be enlarged and displayed by said conference room.



after consulting with my clients and taking the time to learn about their business and its values, several designs came to mind. with feedback & inspiration from early 20th century map makers, i merged certain design elements together to create a map that blended past & present together in a beautiful, minimalistic way. regarding the bank location photos, it was a matter of finding balance and a certain subtle hierarchy so that no location would feel overlooked or more important than the other. in order to restore the antique pictures, i tapped into my previous restoration experience and made sure the final results were consistent in their contrast, color & exposure.


client        first texas bank



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