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llama life

Central Texas—unbeknownst to many until one visits here—has a thriving trove of llamas and alpacas. Having one of the largest populations of llamas in the country, it’s nearly impossible not to run into a llama farm. After meeting quite a few, I fell in love with the adorable, long-necked creatures.


Speaking with someone who raises llamas, I easily saw that it isn’t just a way to earn income. It’s a lifestyle. Inspired, I grabbed my sketchbook and drew Leo the Llama: a bold, sassy llama sporting a mohawk and a smirk who epitomizes everything lovable about llamas. The logical next step was creating a t-shirt design worthy of the coolest camelid in Texas. Marrying the Central Texas aesthetic with the cutely disheveled Leo, the Llama Life clothing line was born. 

Llama Life
Llama Life T-Shirts
Close-Up of Llama Life T-Shirt
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