project overview

Mulligan’s is a tex-mex & american restaurant located at white wings golf club in the age-restricted community of sun city located in georgetown, tx. owned & operated by nels johnson, he makes sure that his staff provides the best food and customer service in the heart of the texas hill country. they serve breakfast, lunch & dinner and catering services as well. their commitment to quality ingredients and meals originates in their background in the culinary arts and a deep sense of duty and community.



my clients wanted a rustic, refined yet simple sign outside of the restaurant they were renovating. the previous eatery that had occupied the space went out of business. the new owner wanted a complete rebranding and redesign of the interior aesthetic of the restaurant formerly known as putter’s cafe. rebranded as mulligan’s, i was tasked with creating not only the exterior signage but was also in charge of interior design, everything from paint colors to furniture to wall art to light fixtures. i was presented with the question of how to accomplish this while adhering to the desired aesthetic that married the spirit of the texas hill county with the deserts and architecture of new mexico.



quickly getting myself into my client’s mindset, i created a mood board with examples of adobe structures of new mexic0, natural color palettes indictive of the desert landscape, wrought iron ranch signs and jack allen’s kitchen. after immersing myself in the subject matter, i conceived the idea for the sign. i employed silhouettes of the hills of the golf course, a lone golfer and the rays of the morning sun peeking out behind a band of clouds to embody the meaning behind the restaurant’s name: a second chance, a new beginning after bad luck or a blunder. the refined rustic wrought iron sign combined with the clean, organic graphics created unity and a sense of timelessness, which suited my client’s needs perfectly.


also, in regards to the interior design, i chose warm colors, furniture, light fixtures & created wall art that mirrored adobes, desert fauna and western culture to create a warm, homey atmosphere that was inviting and laidback without being too informal. since the renovation, rebranding and grand re-opening, restaurant attendance has spiked and has continued to steadily increase.


client        nels johnson & sun city  




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