photography Restoration

project overview

photography restoration is the process of repairing damaged, faded, discolored, overexposed and underexposed photographs as well as antique letters and documents to appear as close to their original condition when first made, printed or written.



the most obvious challenge with a process and project like this is to accurately restore photos as faithfully to their original state as humanly possible while satisfying the expectations of my clients.



to “give back” my clients their precious family keepsakes and irreplaceable historical documents that have been in their families for generations, i start by scanning the original images or documents. i then take the digital file and repair them meticulously in photoshop. after printing out the restored copy, my clients now have the original and renewed photo to preserve cherished and crucial moments and memories that, otherwise, would have been forever lost to the deterioration of time, poor storage & care and the elements.   

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