photograpy restoration

CLIENTS: First Texas Bank, The Elkin Family, The Pfeiffer Family,

Georgia Southern University Museum, and more


OBJECTIVE: Restoring damaged, faded, discolored, overexposed and underexposed photographs and antique/vintage documents to their original condition when they were first taken, made, printed or written.


RESULT: These projects gave back to my clients precious family keepsakes, heirlooms and irreplaceable historical documents that had been in their families for generations and documented the history of their businesses. By scanning the original images and documents and fixing them in Photoshop, they preserve cherished and crucial moments and memories that, otherwise, would have been forever lost to the deterioration of time, poor storage and care and the elements.


ROLE: Photograph and Historical Document Restorator


MEDIUM: Digital Scans & Manipulation/Editing in Photoshop

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