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Oh Snap! It's Just Like New

Technology + Old, Damaged Photographs + Hard Work = Restored Memories!

Before & After look at a photograph restoration I completed recently, c. 1948. The original photogragh, as you can see, has parts of the original photograph that were torn off from the paper backing

   Hey there! It's Kaitlin. I know, I know. It's been awhile *disgruntled murmurs from the audience* Okay, it's been a LONG while, but thank you for your reluctant patience. Life in the freelancing lane is as fast, crazy and traffic jammed as L.A. during rush hour. So, let's get straight down to artsy business. *rubs hands together*

   Photographs. They are a simple yet beautiful way to remind us of moments long gone, of loved ones lost and, in many instances, a connection to the past and our ancestors. These keepsakes are a great way to hold onto these memories but unfortunately they are vulnerable to the ravages of time. Natural disasters, poor storage, accidents, and, of course, time itself can permanently damage our precious keepsakes. But, never fear! *dramatic, superhero fanfare music* Kaitlin the Restorer is here!

Before & After look of a photograph I restored, c. 1932. The original photo was unfortunately ripped in half and a bit ragged around the edges. The owner tried to repair the photo with tape, to no avail

   With the power of a scanner and Photoshop, I'm able to transform old, damaged, stained, torn, ripped, taped, discolored and faded photographs into looking like they're brand new! Depending on how badly damaged the photo is it takes me an average of between two to eight hours to restore it. "My process is fairly 'simple'," she said sarcastically. First *inhales sharply* I scan the original photo or copy of the photo (an original is better). Then, I upload into Photoshop. And I then begin the tedious task of carefully restoring the photo's contrast, exposure and color while replacing missing parts of the photo, cleaning up spots, stains, unintentional sun flares and sometimes redrawing whole body parts! I find I have to recreate eyes a lot. It's quite an . . . eyesore *wink wink* Sorry, not sorry. I saw an opportunity and I took it.

What's really rewarding--besides mending a poorly aging photograph into its new, repaired form--is the look on my client's face when they see the restored photo for the first time. A huge smile alights their face that doesn't leave the entire time they look at the "new" image. It truly warms the cockles of my sarcastic, corny heart. 

Anyhoo, until next time, stay artsy my friends!

P.S.: If anyone is interested in utilizing my restoration superpowers please don't hesitate to contact me via email , Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or by posting in the comments!

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