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Hello, I'm Kaitlin Baylie!

Your friendly neighborhood design wunderkind/graphics extraordinaire!

With a cool nine years under my belt, I blend my global upbringing and artsy talents into a design cocktail that's uniquely me. Armed with a Graphic Design degree from Georgia Southern University, I set up shop in Georgetown, TX, establishing Designed by Kaitlin, my creative haven.

My design mojo? It's all about mixing art with oodles of innovation and a sprinkle of fun to whip up designs that pop! I'm all about diving deep into my clients' worlds, sculpting visuals that turn heads and make waves. Some call me a perfectionist, but I prefer the term detail detective. My talents are as diverse as they are impressive - I can work wonders with graphic design, spruce up your space with interior decor, create whimsical illustrations, restore old photos to their former glory, snap stunning shots, and even sprinkle some magic on video editing. I'm a creative Swiss Army knife!

When I'm not elbow-deep in projects, you'll find me lost in a good book, capturing nature's beauty through my lens, tending to my garden, crafting short stories of horror and historical intrigue, stitching away on some embroidery, supporting causes and charities dear to me, exploring the wild side of rewilding and conservation, or delving into the world of true crime via my podcast.

To chat about commissions or freelance gigs, slide into my DMs on LinkedIn, shoot me an email at for a chinwag, or click here.

my happy clients

  • Austin Chair Repair

  • Austin Inspection Services

  • Book & Blanket

  • CORE Custom Metal Works

  • Dana'z Designz

  • First Texas Bank

  • Flash Drive Motors

  • Georgetown Trails Foundation

  • Grateful Heart 

  • Hightech Industrial Coatings & Equipment

  • HomeSmart

  • Hyde & Kelley Law Firm

  • Hynes Bay Outdoor Products

  • Laser Magic

  • Major League Moving

  • Marsh Dog

  • Mulligan's & White Wing Golf Club 

  • Opal Mobile Teeth Whitening

  • Perazim Luxury Timepieces

  • Rainbow Circle of Family & Friends

  • Signs of Angels

  • Splash In The Boro

  • Taylor Sporting Goods

  • Wriggley's Pub

Colorful Pens
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