Hey! I'm Kaitlin

     I was born in Ft. Carson, Colorado in 1994. My father is an active duty Army pilot so this makes me an Army Brat – a title which I am fiercely proud of. It also means I'm really not from anywhere due to moving to a new duty station every few years.      

     Now, I have a confession to make: I didn’t always want to be a professional artist. When I was eight I wanted to be a paleontologist. I couldn’t spell it at the time, but nevertheless, I was adamant for a while to dig up dinos for a living. I even had the “Uncover Your Own Fossils” kit. I know, I know. I’m cool. After being informed on how much math would be involved in such an endeavor – and not being particularly talented in the numerical arts – I changed my mind. It wasn’t until high school – when I was doodling constantly in the margins of my notes – that I knew I wanted to turn my passion for art into a living. I pursued my dream at Georgia Southern University and emerged sleep deprived and with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2016.

     To me, art is as essential as breathing and I work hard to make that evident in all of my projects. I take the time to get to know my clients and their businesses so that we are always on the same page in terms of design and communication. Helping my clients realize the ideas they’ve drawn on café napkins and guiding those that are unsure of their creative vision drives me to work harder and design better. It’s truly rewarding to see projects come to fruition and my client happy with the final result.

     Growing up, I had a diverse range of artistic inspiration to draw from – pardon the pun. My travels around the U.S. and world at several duty stations have fed my imagination and continue to do so. For the past seven years, I have lived in the Southern states of the U.S. I love the South, even if the humidity wreaks havoc on my hair. I'm an avid reader of classic novels, lover of dark chocolate, wearer of mismatched, quirky socks and in my free time, I enjoy writing historical fiction and horror. Currently, I reside and work in Georgetown, TX with my family and my mischievous German Shepherd named Ryder.

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