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art and soul challenge

To celebrate its new film, Soul—which follows a band teacher whose passion for jazz music sends him on an incredible adventure to discover the answers to some of life’s most important questions—Disney and Pixar have teamed up with Adobe to create the Art and Soul Challenge. The prompt encouraged artists to find our creative groove and design an album cover using artwork from the film to showcase what makes us…US. 

I drew inspiration from my love for all things science and art and the film’s trailer. My fascination with the planets, stars, nebulae, and the stardust that makes up all of us and the relationship science has with art drove my composition. The film's main character, Joe Gardner, also served as inspiration as we share a mutual love of music and both lose ourselves in a “zone” of creativity that most artists have experienced.

Disney & Pixar's Soul Album Cover Art Mockup
Soul Album Cover Art, Illustration
Falling Vinyl Records Mockup, Soul Album
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