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book & blanket

Larry & Pat Cooper, the founders of a local non-profit organization named Book & Blanket, which supplies books and blankets to underprivileged children to offer hope and warmth, enlisted my services to revamp their brand identity. The goal was to enhance visibility and appeal to a broader audience in Georgetown and Williamson County. My role was to capture their mission visually, ensuring that the design reflected their impactful work as effectively as their actions.


Together, we collaborated on updating their logo, brochure, buck slip, and book bag labels, drawing inspiration from their commitment to enriching young minds and comforting hearts in times of adversity. Each design was crafted to showcase Book & Blanket's meaningful initiatives, educate their target audience, and inspire volunteer support by presenting statistics, mission, values, book selection, and ways to get involved.

By incorporating content in both English and Spanish, the aim was to expand the reach of their message. This project went beyond design, weaving generosity, community, and hope into every element produced, allowing Book & Blanket to extend its impact and touch more lives. The community's response to the new designs has been incredibly positive, leading to increased outreach.

Book and Blanket Logo.jpg
book and blanket
book and blanket
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