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chef rufino's kitchen

Commissioned by Nels Johnson for Mulligan’s wonderfully talented chef, Rufino Valverde, to honor and celebrate all of his years of excellent food and service with a personalized sign to hang next to the kitchen’s entrance. Aesthetic-wise, I designed it to keep with the restaurant’s established theme with vintage-inspired fonts and a dynamic combination of flames and crossed spatulas.


A marriage of brushed metal and Texas cedarwood blend seamlessly and creates a sign worthy of the well-loved culinary personality. The metalwork was created by friend and fellow artisan, Clayton Gordy while the woodwork was crafted by a friend of Mr. Johnson’s, Carter Callen. Chef Rufino and Mr. Johnson expressed their appreciation and fervent approval of the final product during the sign's installation.




Chef Rufino's Kitchen logo wood brand
Chef Rufino's Kitchen Sign at an angle
Close up of Chef Rufino's Kitchen sign
Chef Rufino's Kitchen sign, front view
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