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Brazos Fielder, a board member of the Georgetown Trails Foundation, approached me to create a series of posters for the foundation to help promote its mission of creating new trails and encouraging the citizens of Georgetown, TX, to utilize them for outdoor recreation. There are four posters in the series, with the poster below being the most recent project. The posters are designed to appeal to those who enjoy outdoor recreation and nature with the intent to represent the foundation’s mission, attract their target audience, create brand recognition, and attract new visitors as well as help maintain the trail’s current visitors.


We collaborated on creating the posters, finding inspiration from vintage National Park poster designs. Drawing on the most common recurring elements of these posters, I made certain to have my design’s composition include: a limited color palette, linotype art aesthetic, Art Deco style fonts, and silhouetted figures, which influenced the overall design. I have also embedded an overlay simulating an aged, retro appearance on all the posters to enhance the illusion that the designs are vintage originals.

Excited by the final products, Mr. Fielder and the Georgetown Trails Foundation have happily reported that feedback regarding the posters has been extremely positive. The project is currently ongoing, with more poster design prompts to come. 


cyclewerx summer mtb series

Cyclewerx Summer MTB Series Poster
Mockup for Bike Poster.jpg
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