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flash drive motors

James Fleischman, the co-owner of Flash Drive Motors in Coupland, TX, which specializes in converting classic cars to electric vehicles, was referred to me. He had previously hired a graphic designer on for the company's logo but was unsatisfied with the outcome and the lack of proper files. Seeking a new logo to better symbolize their company's growth, enhance brand recognition, and attract new clients while retaining existing ones, James approached me for assistance.

Together, we worked on a new logo inspired by the silhouette of a Ford GT40, integrating rounded, sleek lines and geometric shapes influenced by electricity. Delighted with the result, he also requested a mascot for the company. Drawing inspiration from the 1960s Cobra Jet logo, I created 'Flash': a fierce, bloodthirsty lightning bolt with a competitive spirit, symbolizing a determination to win races at any cost. The feedback on the new logo and mascot has been overwhelmingly positive, reflecting the company's enthusiasm for the fresh branding approach.


Flash Drive Motors Stickers
Flash Drive Mascot Logo, color version 1.jpg
Flash Drive Hoodie.jpg
Flash Drive Logo, Glow, Black Background
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