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land of literature

To commemorate the impending arrival of my nephew, Johnathan, I decided to paint a panoramic landscape featuring some of the most iconic characters from children’s literature interacting with each other in a conglomeration of fictional literature-scapes. By utilizing pen and ink, I wanted to capture and emulate the original illustrations' styles.


Also, to remain true to each character’s personality, I made sure that everyone participated in an activity they were known to enjoy that was indicative of how they typically behaved and treated others. Desiring to enhance the mural’s playful nature further, I hid fun ‘easter eggs’ throughout the painting as well.

Land of Literature Mural depicting some of the most iconic characters from children's literature
Clifford the Big Red Dog with Matilda, reading a book to him on the hillside above the hobbit hole
Peter Rabbit in a garden, eating a carrot
Hobbit house set into a hillside with a garden
Pooh and Piglet sitting on a log in front of Pooh's house with jars of honey
A tea party with Alice, Christopher Robin, Owl, Stuart Little, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, Eeyore and the Very Hungry Caterpillar
Charlotte with her web, the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Curious George eating a banana in a tree
The Little Prince on the moon with his rose with the forest below
Amelia Bedelia carrying pie, Max from Where The Wild Things Are is catching an apple from the Giving Tree and Rainbow Fish is giving Paddington bear a shimmery scale and Harold and his purple crayon are drawing the entire scene
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