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major league moving

Mecie and James Cardona, the owners of Major League Moving approached me to design two logos for their growing company. The main objective was to revitalize and solidify their brand while creating embroidered swag and uniforms for their movers and administrative employees. The new script logo will be placed on their fleet of moving vehicles, and the shield version will be on t-shirts, business cards, and other company swag. The logo was carefully designed to represent the company's renewed mission, attract its target audience, create brand recognition, attract new clients, and help maintain the existing clientele.

The clients provided a very specific vision of creating designs that mirrored the title card of the 1989 film Major League. The overall design was inspired by the rounded, clean lines, the colors of the American flag, and retro-inspired baseball uniform scripts.

The final product exceeded the Cardonas' expectations, and they were thrilled to report that feedback regarding their company's new logo has been overwhelmingly positive.

Major League Moving Logo, Text Only, rwb.png
Major League Moving, mockup 2.jpg
Major League Moving Logo with Shield, rwb.png
Major League Moving, mockup 3.jpg
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