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Longtime pub owner and entrepreneur, Nels Johnson, contacted me to rebrand the restaurant that he recently purchased and was renovating at the White Wings Golf Club in the Sun City community in Georgetown, TX. He wanted a rustic yet refined aesthetic imbued with the spirit of the Texas Hill Country and the deserts and architecture of New Mexico. I was tasked with creating the exterior signage (main sign, door decals, and entry sign) and interior design decisions (color palette, booths, light fixtures, etc.)

Inspired by local wrought iron ranch signs and the meaning behind the restaurant’s name, I designed a logo/sign that married these ideas. With the previous eatery’s poor history, the new restaurant’s name is all the more meaningful. Mulligan's: a second chance, a new beginning after bad luck or a blunder.

Regarding the interior design aesthetics, I referenced the color palettes of deserts and adobe structures in New Mexico for inspiration. Warm paint colors, whisky brown leather booths, and Edison-esque light fixtures were chosen to emulate a homey, Southwestern atmosphere that was inviting and laidback without being too informal. Extremely satisfied with the final product, Mr. Johnson has reported that restaurant attendance has spiked since rebranding and renovation and has continued to increase steadily.



Mulligan's logo on wood background
Mulligan's Door Decal
Mulligan's Wrought Iron Exterior Sign
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