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perazim luxury timepieces

Alonda and Xavier Cepeda approached me to create a logo for their new business, Perazim—selling luxury watches and timepieces— they plan on opening in Spring 2022. The logo was designed with the intent to represent their company’s mission, attract their target audience, create brand recognition, and attract new clients as well as help maintain all of the clientele they acquire.

We collaborated on creating a logo that married the beauty of a watch’s engineering aka gears and an oak tree – a symbol not only personally significant to the couple but rife with meaning: it represents strength, longevity, wisdom, protection, and much more. Rounded, clean lines and geometric shapes of the gear teeth inspired by the inner, intricate workings and shape of a watch contrasted with the organic shape of the oak tree influenced the overall design. 

Enthused by the final product, the Cepedas happily reported that feedback regarding their company’s logo has been extremely positive.

Gold Foil B-Card MockUp, Perazim.jpg
perazim watch advert
Round Sign on Building, black on white.jpg
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