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rainbow circle

The Rainbow Circle of Friends & Family — a Sun City Palm Desert club that hosts events and activities for members of the LGBTQIA+ community and their friends and family — approached me to redesign their website and logo. The original website was basic, undynamic, not user-friendly, and lacking style as well as information. Not at all what one wants when the target audience is between the ages of 55 to 85. In contrast, the original logo was overly complicated and hard to read. Everything was altered to represent their club’s growth and mission better while being ergonomic and colorful.  

For the club’s new aesthetic, I considered their target audience. Then, I reflected on what design elements and colors embodied the club’s goals and atmosphere. From our initial meeting, a fresh, simple, modern design came to mind, inspired by the rainbow, organic shapes and lines, and gradients. Extremely satisfied with the final product, the Rainbow Circle has reported that the club’s new, streamlined look has been met with positive feedback and increased site visits since the redesign.

Site Pages at an Angle.jpg
Brick Wall Rainbow Circle Logo Mural copy.jpg
IPhone Devices.jpg
color theme for rainbow circle.jpg
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